With this brand new collaboration, OriginalEskimo™ and studio kan/o have decided to join hands for a collection of unique, hand-crafted boxer shorts.

OriginalEskimo™ – subsidiary of Ghent-based Eskimo™, that have produced quality underwear since 1906 – invited studio kan/o to revise around ten meters of 100% cotton in their trademark style. studio kan/o is a Belgian label, founded in 2015 by Valérie Hellebaut and Stien Bekaert. Each product is unique, made by hand and produced in limited editions.

The hand dyed fabrics in tones of blue originated through a combination of technical precision and whimsical coincidence, strongly alluding to marble. studio kan/o processes the fabrics by combining the shades of dye in a bath of natural extracts on which the cotton is then carefully placed. This brings about a unique pattern, making sure no two pieces are alike, resulting in an edition of one-of-a-kind boxer shorts.

The product, handmade in Belgium, just like the print on the packaging, can be bought exclusively at Shelter and originaleskimo.com. While stocks last, so hurry up.